Physical Skills

This week we have been practising our under arm throwing. We had a bean bag and were practising throwing this into the crate.



Over the last 2 weeks  the children are continuing to explore Harvest. We have visited the village hub to choose some items from the fresh fruit and vegetables available from Roots and Fruits. We were identifying and naming the different foods.

Once we returned to nursery, we used the laptop to look up various recipes and helped prepare and taste these. Afterwards we gave our opinions on what we tasted and shared this with others.

We also explored the local environment collecting Brambles which we brought back to nursery, washed and made jam.



Our New Digging Area

In the nursery garden, we had an overgrown area. Over the last few weeks we have all worked hard digging out the overgrown weeds and tree. The plan was to create a herb garden however the children have decided this area makes a great spot to dig. The staff listened to the children as they decided what tools we needed (Spades were the most popular) and we are still deciding if we should wear all in one suits, tabards or just stick with welly boots.


Outdoor Learning

As part of our risk assessment in the nursery garden we found that our planter needed to be removed. The children helped with the removal of this and we moving the mud from this to our bedding area.

While we were over at the tyre structure in the school we visited the school gardening area where we found plums, apples and raspberries. We brought these back to nursery to taste and have made an apple crumble.