P3/4 Ball skills

P3/4 Ball control

P3/4 are learning to control a ball. Our steps to success are: eyes on the ball, keeping the ball close and moving slowly. We are building up to playing team games with our in house PE specialist Miss Gillies.

P4/5 Class learning for the week ending 5th of November

This week P4/5 have started to learn about persuasive writing.  They were introduced to rhetorical questions and had the opportunity to choose whether to persuade the reader that children should or should not be allowed to have mobile phones.

We also began our new topic which will be Space this term.  We formed our new cooperative learning teams, found out what we already know and what we would like to learn and then kicked off our topic with this video which the children really enjoyed. https://youtu.be/ZHAqT4hXnMw

P4/5 have also been working on their team building skills with Miss Cran.

We focused on building confidence, working as a team and realising the impact of our actions on the outcome of the task. The children were amazing their comments and encouragement between each other were examples of sound foundations for great teamwork.



P2 – Toys from the Past

This week in P2, we have been learning about toys from the past, particularly in the Victorian times. We made our own cup and ball game and explored other old toys, such as: Jacob’s ladder, spinning tops and flick books


Bonfire Night

This week P1 painted firework using straws, then used their fine motor skills to sprinkle glitter on top to make the fireworks sparkle! We also watched a safety video from firefighters about how to stay safe on bonfire night.

We began our new topic ‘Our Five Sense’ looking into our sense of sight. We created our own eyes by tearing crepe paper and glueing it down.

We have really enjoyed learning our new sounds this week; z, w & ng. We have been really successful when building words using our new sounds.


Today we made Sparklers for snack. We dipped breadsticks in to melted chocolate and covered with rainbow sprinkles.

“They tasted yummy” Harris
“Yes, good” McGregor
“They were chocolate” Darcie
“They had sprinkles on them too” Elliott

We have painted Fireworks. Copying different patterns and beginning to show control and direction using a paintbrush. We spoke about our artwork too and being safe.

“Gloves to stop the fire burning you” Sophie
“We put them in a bucket of water when finished” Willow