Primary 2 were very excited to share all of their learning this week!

We enjoyed travelling along the benches in different ways during our PE lesson.

In maths, we have been learning about information handling. This week we made our own block charts and interpreted data from them.

P3/4 Adding to 10/20/100

P3/4 are learning to add using different strategies. This might be using ten frames or filled number lines. Some are using empty number lines to add 2 digit numbers. We will be looking at subtracting next week!

P1 – Our Senses

This week P1 thoroughly enjoyed our topic work this week, learning about our sense of hearing. We used a variety of musical instruments to make different sounds and describe what we could hear. We practiced making really quiet sounds and then really LOUD sounds too! P1 came up with lots of great descriptive words to describe what they could hear; jingling, bang, ding, loud, quiet and lots more!

Remembrance Day

We have been learning about Remembrance Day. We created Poppies from paint and glue, watched a short clip to learn factual information and recall the information.

P4/5 Learning for week ending 12th November

This week P4/5 demonstrated outstanding cooperative working on their space topic.  Working in their home teams they all became an expert in one of the four planets we were learning about this week, Mars, Neptune, Saturn or Jupiter.  They then shared as experts what they had learnt with children from the other groups.  All children were successful in their learning and demonstrated this by sharing facts they had learnt about all 4 planets. Amazing teamwork P4/5!