This week P1 had lots of fun writing our numbers and letter in the playgroup with chalk, with the help of our buddies!

In PE this week, P1 have been practicing controlling the ball, throwing and catching beanbags and finding creative ways to move through the assault course.

Toy Models – P2

Primary 2 have made their own toys out of junk.

We planned our toys by drawing them first. Then we had to choose the best materials to make our toys. It was tricky to get some things to stick together but we had lots of fun!!

We finished our models by painting them.

Here are some pictures below…


P3/4 Numeracy

P3/4 worked really hard on their maths and numeracy skills. Children chose their preferred counting strategy, either counters, numbered number lines or empty number lines to add numbers.

In maths they practised measuring different objects in pairs around the class and consolidated learning in plotting points on a grid in their stations!

Well done P3/4!