Free school meals in primary 1 to 5

From  January, every child at a local council school can get free school lunches during term-time in primary 1 to 5. This applies to all children in these years – your family’s financial circumstances do not matter.

P3/4 wind vanes

p3/4 took there wind vanes outside to measure the the direction of the wind. We found north and recorded our findings!


P4/5 Moon Landing

This week we have been learning about the first moon landing.  We had to listen for important information and take notes. We then worked with our cooperative partners sharing information and preparing for our carousel activity.  During our carousel we shared what we had learnt about the Moon landing, reading notes from other groups and adding our own information.  We finished our lesson with a house quiz which was lots of fun.

Christmas Jumper Day

P2 looked very festive this week wearing their Christmas jumpers! They all enjoyed their Christmas lunch.



The children have been involved in lots of Christmas activities.

Exploring 3d objects through play – we have been busy wrapping 3d boxes/ cylinders. Talking about shapes that can be made when printing with 3d objects.

Sequencing ‘The First Christmas’ story.

Exploring measurement through play, backward number word sequencing from 5 and 10 and nursery have an Elf visit us each day too.