This week P1 learnt about Robert Burns and some traditions in Scotland. We then made our own tartan kilts!

P2 numeracy

This week P2 have been working on their division skills. We have been grouping and sharing objects as the first step in division!



P4/5 Scotland Topic

This term P4/5 are learning all about Scotland.  This week the children worked in their cooperative groups to create a mascot for Scotland.  They then had to find out some facts about Scotland for their mascot to share.  Keep an eye out for the mascots sharing those facts soon!

“Look! I’ve got a dinosaur bone”

We added Dinosaurs to our block area. A child shared with us that he knew where there was a dinosaur footprint “It’s behind the building at the play park”. We went off to explore and found it. “It’s a Stegosaurus” “It’s a t-rex’s foot”. Afterwards we found a chalk drawing of a T-rex at the play park and we all had a play.