P4/5 Gymnastics

This week P4/5 were exploring difference balance activities in the first week of their new gymnastics block.  They all worked really well with their partners. We heard and saw some lovely supportive conversations and behaviours.  Well done P4/5!

P2 Community Walk

This week we went a walk around our community. We seen everyone’s homes and discussed the different buildings in the community, such as the community hub and shops. We followed a map of Whitecraig during our journey. We used a key to plot specific places on our maps.

Today we drew pictures on the different places we seen whilst on our walk. We used photographs of these places to help us with our drawings.

P1 – 14/01/2022

P1 have really enjoyed their first full week back to school. We have had a busy week full of reading, writing, numeracy and play! We have shown great practice when using our tablets in class, logging in and out, to play games to help with our learning.

We met with our new talking partners this week and created some artwork by working together.

Reading and Writing

I can identify my written name within a group of names.

I can create some letter shapes independently.

I can write my name.

I can hold and use a pencil effectively.