P4/5 Fractions

This week P4/5 have been exploring fractions! We practised cutting paper strips into equal sized pieces. We also wrote the unit fraction on each piece of paper.

We also tried iterating our rods to find different ways to make the whole!

P4/5 Note Taking

This week P4/5 were practising their note taking skills whilst watching a video about the life of Alexander Graham Bell.  Working with their cooperative partners they used their notes to plan out a report about the life of the famous Scottish inventor.


P2 numeracy and maths

This week P2 have been building and describing simple arrays. We had to say how many rows and columns were in our arrays.

During maths, we explored the weight of different objects in the classroom. We measured how many cubes each item weighed. We also talked about the language used to describe weight – heavier and lighter.

Our Learning 7th March 2022

This week we have been learning about estimating within our number range and breaking a whole into parts and describing how we made it fair.

We are learning to use vocabulary according to weight ( heavier / lighter) as well as identifying items that are heavy/ light.

On Wednesday 9th March 2022, we found a frog in the nursery garden. The children were fascinated and we discussed how it may have gotten in to nursery. We moved it to a safe place over in our community garden.



Our Learning 28th February 2022

This week we celebrated World Book Day. We enjoyed lots of activities including looking at books independently and during group times, listening and watching our favourite books on the interactive whiteboard and listening centre, completing puzzles from familiar tales as well as singing and repeating rhymes and retelling familiar tales using puppets.