P1 phonics

P1 have started their Jolly Phonics programme. We’ve enjoyed lots of songs and actions to help recognise our new sounds. Here is P1 exploring the “s”formation in play!

Nursery Learning week beginning 20th June 2020

What a busy week we have had at nursery this week and what lovely weather.
Both groups have been sharing their own ideas of what they would like to do at sports day and had lots of fun practicing them all. We hope you can all make it to our sports days next week.
The Monday/Tuesday children went out to watch the full school sports day they were able to cheer on siblings, friends and for the children who are off to school after the summer were able to cheer on their P1 buddies.
Thank you to everyone who managed to pop along to our share my learning session, it was lovely to see the children sharing their nursery experiences with their adults.

P4/5 The Romans

An amazing well done to our wonderful P4s who shared what they have been learning about the Romans while our P5s have been swimming.  We had a puppet show sharing the myth of Romulus and Remus and information about Roman Gods and Goddesses was shared through a game of Top Trumps. Information about mosaics, the Romans way of life and Roman armies and weapons was shared through posters, talks and slide shows.  The P5s enjoyed taking part in the learning and everyone learnt something new.


P2 Smoothie Making

P2 had lots of fun visiting the nurture room this afternoon. When we were there we made fruit smoothies! We chopped up bananas and strawberries and added them to a blender with orange and apple juice. Everyone really enjoyed making the smoothies and most people enjoyed the taste!