P3/4 Invasion Games

We have been putting our invasion game skills to good use the last week or two while playing some invasion games.  P3/4 demonstrated the school values  of respect and honesty during our lessons. Well done P3/4, great job!

P3/4 Time

This week P3/4 started working on telling the time.  We have been revising which hand on the clock is the hour hand and which is the minute hand.  We have been learning how to tell the time when it is O’clock, half past, quarter to or quarter past.  For those who have mastered those times we have started looking at telling the time to 5 minutes.  We have been doing this by using clocks, playing a telling the time game on the chrome books and by playing a telling the time board game.

Nursery Learning WC 19th Sept 2022

The children have taken part in the Hands Up survey asking how they travelled to nursery. Following on from this we have explored maths by sorting different criteria including asking the children to choose if they liked / disliked snack and the chosen story.


Nursery Learning WC 5th Sept 2022

The nursery have enjoyed visiting the school grounds and local community. We have been Harvesting the ripe brambles from the banking and apples from the school playground. We brought these back to nursery and helped to prepare and taste bramble jam and apple crumble.