Nursery St. Andrew’s Day

Great fun in Nursery celebrating St. Andrew’s day! We followed and measured out ingredients for shortbread, were creative making own tartan pictures and used different materials to recreate  Scottish flags.


Nursery Learning WC 21st November 2022

The nursery children are continuing to explore space. We have been learning to sequence one of our favourite stories ‘One Button Benny’ using pictures from the book, counting backward number word sequences from 5 and 10 through songs and rhymes and printing using 3D shapes.


Home Learning Packs

We continue to promote good attendance throughout the school year but understand that there may be times your child is absent from school for a period of time. Sometimes children are absent but are still well enough to undertake some learning at home. To support this we have added home learning packs to the school website. There is one pack for each year group however, your child could access any of the packs. The tasks are related to the curriculum and all are suited to learning at home eg baking or playing a game.

Click on the links below:

Home Learning P1

Home Learning P2

Home Learning P3

Home Learning P4

Home Learning P5

Home Learning P6docx

Home Learning P7docx

Additional resources:


P3/4 Space

We have been learning about the movement of Earth around the Sun and how this gives us day and night.  We have also been learning about how long Earth takes to travel around the Sun and we will soon be able to explain how this gives us our 4 seasons.