Parental Engagement Survey

This survey (Consultation Hub) is for completion by our Parent Forum and the link will also be shared shared via Groupcall with all parents and will be placed on our school website as soon as possible. Parents only need to complete one survey if they have multiple children at this school, but will need to complete more than one survey for children at different schools. The survey results will be collated on a school basis which will be shared with the HT and Chair of the Parent Council to support any actions arising shortly after the closure of the surveys.

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Home Learning Packs P1-7

If you wish to do extra learning at home, please find the Home Learning packs for each year on our website, under ‘Useful Information’ > ‘School News’ > ‘Home Learning packs’.


Home Learning Packs

We continue to promote good attendance throughout the school year but understand that there may be times your child is absent from school for a period of time. Sometimes children are absent but are still well enough to undertake some learning at home. To support this we have added home learning packs to the school website. There is one pack for each year group however, your child could access any of the packs. The tasks are related to the curriculum and all are suited to learning at home eg baking or playing a game.

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Home Learning P1

Home Learning P2

Home Learning P3

Home Learning P4

Home Learning P5

Home Learning P6docx

Home Learning P7docx

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