P3/4 Human Body ~ Skeleton

P3/4 started with the human body topic this term. We began with the skeleton. We investigated what a skeleton may look like by feeling our own bodies and drawing it down onto paper. We used our shared reading time to find out more about the layout and names of the skeleton bones. Each topic time we add a new bone we have learned to Bony Tim, our class skeleton!


P3/4 wind vanes

p3/4 took there wind vanes outside to measure the the direction of the wind. We found north and recorded our findings!


P3/4 weather topic

P3/4 have been measuring  and recording rain water from their rain gauges and busy making wind vanes to measure wind direction next week. They looked at different types of clouds and which ones may appear in different types of weather

P3/4 Numeracy

P3/4 worked really hard on their maths and numeracy skills. Children chose their preferred counting strategy, either counters, numbered number lines or empty number lines to add numbers.

In maths they practised measuring different objects in pairs around the class and consolidated learning in plotting points on a grid in their stations!

Well done P3/4!


This week we have been exploring weather. We have acted out the different decisions people may make because of changes in the weather, planning an information poster in p4 and created a rain gauge, which we will demonstrate to nursery next week!