P3/4 Adding to 10/20/100

P3/4 are learning to add using different strategies. This might be using ten frames or filled number lines. Some are using empty number lines to add 2 digit numbers. We will be looking at subtracting next week!

P3/4 Ball skills

P3/4 Ball control

P3/4 are learning to control a ball. Our steps to success are: eyes on the ball, keeping the ball close and moving slowly. We are building up to playing team games with our in house PE specialist Miss Gillies.

Halloween question making

Halloween questions

P3/4 did really well in creating questions in co operative partners this week!

We made sure that our partner either read or listened to the text being read and spent lots of time creating questions verbally where the answer could be found in the text, We then wrote the question down on the whiteboard using question words from the board and knowing that question mark goes at the end, Great job P3/4!

P3/4 weekly learning update


Every week there will be a post on P3/4s learning posted here on the new school blog. This is to keep you updated on what we are learning in class.

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Mrs Smith