P4/5 The Romans

An amazing well done to our wonderful P4s who shared what they have been learning about the Romans while our P5s have been swimming.  We had a puppet show sharing the myth of Romulus and Remus and information about Roman Gods and Goddesses was shared through a game of Top Trumps. Information about mosaics, the Romans way of life and Roman armies and weapons was shared through posters, talks and slide shows.  The P5s enjoyed taking part in the learning and everyone learnt something new.


Roman topic

P3/4 explored Roman clothing this week and tried on different clothing. We learned that Roman girls and women wore stolas and boys and men wore togas.

P2 – Under the sea

This week we started our new topic – Under the Sea!

We have loved exploring the new sea creature toys and playing in our own submarine!

We have done lots of art work inspired by under the sea. We have been particularly working on our cutting skills.

P2 Symmetry Monsters

This week we have been learning about symmetry. We painted one half of our paper then folded it over so that the paint printed on the other side. This created our symmetry monster!

Then we added some eyes to our monsters!