How quickly this has come around again! It will soon be time to hand our Pre-school children over to their P1 teachers. Our transition programme is a great way to introduce the children to their new class, teachers and P2 classmates and helps ensure a smooth start to P1 in August. Good luck boys and girls, we will miss you!
Transition on PhotoPeach


The nursery children have enjoyed learning about ‘Minibeasts’. They listened very well to stories and Group Time work and created some wonderful models and artwork for display. There were many budding Entomologists searching for all things crawly both indoors and out! Mrs Simpson even made some wonderful Very Hungry Caterpillar sandwiches for our very hungry ‘bug hunters’! The children have been eagerly watching our own Painted Lady Caterpillars grow in size, ready for their transformation in a couple of weeks!
Minibeasts on PhotoPeach

Brrrrr……It’s freezing in here!

The nursery children have recently begun to learn about cold climates and are creating a ‘Talking and Thinking Floor-book’ to record their learning and ideas. They are having great fun exploring ‘indoor snow’, learning about how water changes state, the types of animals found in cold climates and their adaptations for survival.
Cold Climates on PhotoPeach