Scottish Book Week at Whitecraig Primary School

The children are taking part in lots of reading activities for Scottish Book Week such as

  •  ‘Stop, Drop and Read’ – when the bell rings four times, we all stop what we are doing and read!
  • decorating the classroom door as a book cover.
  •  choosing a favourite character or sentence from a book and creating text art for display in the Storytelling Garden.
  • ‘extreme reading’ – reading in an unusual place (P4/5 read in the park today!).
  • Shared Reading – P6 and P2 will get together and read.
  • Scottish Book Week assembly –

On Wednesday at Assembly (9.30am) the GP room will be warm and cosy and we will have a bed time story!  We are asking everyone to bring a teddy and, if they want, to wear pyjamas or onesies (but remember to bring uniform to change into)!

The Journey of our Olympic Torch

Musselburgh Cluster held a competition to design our own Olympic torches.  The winners were chosen and  then began the journey.  We received the torches from Musselburgh Grammar School.  The whole school welcomed them into Whitecraig with lots of flags waving and cheering.  Next it was our turn to take the torches to the Burgh PS.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the walk.   We were welcomed to the Burgh by the whole school, a piper and even a choir.  What a fantastic journey!
The Journey of Our Olympic Torch on PhotoPeach