ENQUIRE – the Scottish advice service for additional support for learning

Enquire is funded by the Scottish Government to help parents, carers, children, young people and professionals understand the framework for supporting children who require additional support for learning and to encourage positive partnerships between families, schools and local authorities to ensure children get the right support.

Enquire receive over 1,000 enquiries every year, mainly from parents and carers worried about some part of their child’s education – that their child is struggling in school, has a particular condition or is not getting the help they need.  In feedback about the service, parents and carers consistently say they wished they had known about the Enquire sooner and that it helped them feel more confident in working better with school staff.

Enquire offers independent, confidential advice and information on additional support for learning through:

  • Telephone Helpline: 0845 123 2303
  • Email Enquiry service: info@enquire.org.uk
  • A range of clear and easy-to-read guides and factsheets including      The parents’ guide to additional support for learning.
  • Resources for children and young people
  • Two websites: www.enquire.org.uk (for parents, carers      and professionals) and www.enquire.org.uk/yp (for children and      young people)

If you have a question about additional support for learning, no matter how small, get in touch.

News Release: Consultation on new development plan

East Lothian Council is seeking the views of residents and others on future land-use and development in East Lothian as it prepares a new Local Development Plan.

The plan will eventually replace the East Lothian Local Plan 2008.

Councillor Barry Turner, the Council’s planning spokesman said: “The Council is interested in hearing the views of everyone with an interest in East Lothian. We want to know what aspirations you have for the way your area might develop over the next ten years or so, and what planning issues you think may need to be addressed in the new plan. Continue reading