Play Talk Read

The Play Talk Read bus is visiting Whitecraig this week and our children had the opportunity to visit with the nursery staff.

We sang songs/ rhymes, read stories, played with playdough and explored music instruments plus lots more.



Last week, the children made patterns on to paper with their muddy footprints. This week we are exploring different patterns in the environment, matching patterns and making our own patterns.

People who help us

This week we continued to learn about People who help us. We had a visit from the local School crossing patrol guide and had an unannounced fire drill where we were visited from the Fire services. We listened to both the school crossing guide and fire services about how they keep us safe and their job.

We were learning how we can help others too. The children practised cutting, sticking and colouring their Pudsey masks and we baked cakes too.


We have been learning about different times of the day. Discussing some of the things we do in the morning and at night time.

Nursery Rhyme week

This week is National Nursery Rhyme week. Nursery rhymes are an important part of our nursery day as it boosts vocabulary and language development.

The children enjoy taking part in “What’s in the bag?”