Now all we need is some rain….

A huge thank you to Alan and Scott who came to Whitecraig today and planted our willow tunnel.  They spoke to all the classes about trees, wildlife and the amazing properties of willow.  The children from P1-7 all planted a piece of willow and helped to weave in small sections to make it a strong shape.  We harvested some of our own willow and added it in.  Willow likes moist soil so now all we need is for it to rain, if not we will be busy with a watering can!


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What are those strange circles?

Primary 6/7 have been helping to improve our playground by marking out areas on the field where the grass will be allowed to grow.  We aim to plant with the areas with wild flowers and shrubs like buddlea which will attract butterflies.  They practised drawing circles on the tarmac first, measuring the radius and using string and chalk to mark the circles.  Once they had designed the shapes they wanted they were able to transfer this to the field using bamboo canes to peg out the area and then surrounding it with string.  The rest of the grass has been cut today so you can already see the shapes appearing.

Look out for our willow tunnel that will be planted tomorrow.


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What did you do at school today?

We had great fun!  Steve from ‘Grounds for Learning’ came to work with us in class groups.  We explored lots of ‘loose’ materials including coconut shells, tyres, willow, wooden pennies, tarpaulins, logs, cable reels, pipes and pebbles.  We created and  invented; swung on rope swings, sailed across the seas, raced on a grand prix track, camped out and took a flight into outer space.  Playtimes are going to be a lot more fun from now on.
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