P1 phonics

P1 have started their Jolly Phonics programme. We’ve enjoyed lots of songs and actions to help recognise our new sounds. Here is P1 exploring the “s”formation in play!


Our topic for this term is food. We have been looking at the different food groups and what foods are classes as healthy. This week we used those healthy foods to paint pictures! We explored the different shapes and textures we could create using various vegetables.


This week P1 had lots of fun during our scooter session. I were practising weaving around cones and stopping using the brakes.

P1 have also been really creative when using our Lego to create different structures.


P1 have loved making lots of castles and towers out of our building blocks, some being taller than us!!

P1 have spent lots of time relaxing on our comfy sofas in our reading corner. We have been finding words we know and telling stories using the picture.

P1 and P2 Deep Sea World

P1 and P2 had a blast during their trip to Deep Sea World!

We got to feel star fish, a sea snail and a snake! Everyone was very brave!! We also watched the seal show.
We all loved travelling through the tunnel and watching sharks, fish and sting rays swim above us.

Unfortunately the pictures won’t load but I will put them all together in a video and post them on Google classroom 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!!