P1 – 14/01/2022

P1 have really enjoyed their first full week back to school. We have had a busy week full of reading, writing, numeracy and play! We have shown great practice when using our tablets in class, logging in and out, to play games to help with our learning.

We met with our new talking partners this week and created some artwork by working together.


P1 asked to have party hats for their Christmas party, so this week we made our own! We used lots of different colours to decorate our festive hats.

P1 really enjoyed Christmas Jumper Day and had a very tasty Christmas lunch!


P1 were so excited to have a new visitor in class this week, our elf Buddy McSnow! He has been very cheeky covering himself in Miss Kirkpatrick’s mystery hero stickers and making snow angels in our pom-poms! I wonder what he’ll get up to next!


This week P1 had lots of fun writing our numbers and letter in the playgroup with chalk, with the help of our buddies!

In PE this week, P1 have been practicing controlling the ball, throwing and catching beanbags and finding creative ways to move through the assault course.

P1 – 19/11/21

P1 really enjoyed continuing our topic work this week, learning about our sense of touch. We felt lots of different objects and materials and used lots of words to describe how they felt. We then put these objects and materials into two categories; whether they felt hard or soft.

P1 have enjoyed reading this week. We read through our first Biff, Chip & Kipper books and we were able to pick out our new sounds we have learnt from the books in our library.