P1 were so excited to have a new visitor in class this week, our elf Buddy McSnow! He has been very cheeky covering himself in Miss Kirkpatrick’s mystery hero stickers and making snow angels in our pom-poms! I wonder what he’ll get up to next!


This week P1 had lots of fun writing our numbers and letter in the playgroup with chalk, with the help of our buddies!

In PE this week, P1 have been practicing controlling the ball, throwing and catching beanbags and finding creative ways to move through the assault course.

P1 – 19/11/21

P1 really enjoyed continuing our topic work this week, learning about our sense of touch. We felt lots of different objects and materials and used lots of words to describe how they felt. We then put these objects and materials into two categories; whether they felt hard or soft.

P1 have enjoyed reading this week. We read through our first Biff, Chip & Kipper books and we were able to pick out our new sounds we have learnt from the books in our library.

P1 – Our Senses

This week P1 thoroughly enjoyed our topic work this week, learning about our sense of hearing. We used a variety of musical instruments to make different sounds and describe what we could hear. We practiced making really quiet sounds and then really LOUD sounds too! P1 came up with lots of great descriptive words to describe what they could hear; jingling, bang, ding, loud, quiet and lots more!

Bonfire Night

This week P1 painted firework using straws, then used their fine motor skills to sprinkle glitter on top to make the fireworks sparkle! We also watched a safety video from firefighters about how to stay safe on bonfire night.

We began our new topic ‘Our Five Sense’ looking into our sense of sight. We created our own eyes by tearing crepe paper and glueing it down.

We have really enjoyed learning our new sounds this week; z, w & ng. We have been really successful when building words using our new sounds.