P2 Smoothie Making

P2 had lots of fun visiting the nurture room this afternoon. When we were there we made fruit smoothies! We chopped up bananas and strawberries and added them to a blender with orange and apple juice. Everyone really enjoyed making the smoothies and most people enjoyed the taste!

P2 Fruit and Veg tasting

Primary 2 loved trying different fruits and vegetables for our healthy eating topic! We tried mango, kiwi, pear, Sharon fruit, pepper and cucumber! Well done P2 for trying everything!

P2 Fractions

This week in numeracy, we were practising cutting strips of paper into equal parts.

P2 Spring

Primary 2 have been learning about spring!

We had a look around the playground for signs of spring. We found green leaves, flowers, flower buds and insects!

We create spring inspired art to display in the corridor.


P1 and P2 Deep Sea World

P1 and P2 had a blast during their trip to Deep Sea World!

We got to feel star fish, a sea snail and a snake! Everyone was very brave!! We also watched the seal show.
We all loved travelling through the tunnel and watching sharks, fish and sting rays swim above us.

Unfortunately the pictures won’t load but I will put them all together in a video and post them on Google classroom 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!!