P3/4 Space

We have been learning about the movement of Earth around the Sun and how this gives us day and night.  We have also been learning about how long Earth takes to travel around the Sun and we will soon be able to explain how this gives us our 4 seasons.

P3/4 Talking and Listening

P3/4 have been working on the Talking and Listening skill turn taking.  We have been learning how to play games using our respectful turn taking skills.  Minecraft UNO has been particularly popular!

P3/4 Invasion Games

We have been putting our invasion game skills to good use the last week or two while playing some invasion games.  P3/4 demonstrated the school values  of respect and honesty during our lessons. Well done P3/4, great job!

P3/4 Time

This week P3/4 started working on telling the time.  We have been revising which hand on the clock is the hour hand and which is the minute hand.  We have been learning how to tell the time when it is O’clock, half past, quarter to or quarter past.  For those who have mastered those times we have started looking at telling the time to 5 minutes.  We have been doing this by using clocks, playing a telling the time game on the chrome books and by playing a telling the time board game.

P3/4 PE

P3/4 enjoyed practising their invasion game skills yesterday. We practised the skills of speed, balance and changing direction safely. We have been remembering to use our school rules, ready, respectful and safe when doing our activities outside of the classroom.