P3/4 made puppets and created a drama to explore conflict and resolution in friendships. They had lots of fun coming up with solutions!

P3/4 organs

P3/4 focussed on the heart this week as part of the human body. We researched, listened to informative videos and read a shared text together to discover more. We used our knowledge to continue to develop our skills in chronological reports

P3/4 Human Body ~ Skeleton

P3/4 started with the human body topic this term. We began with the skeleton. We investigated what a skeleton may look like by feeling our own bodies and drawing it down onto paper. We used our shared reading time to find out more about the layout and names of the skeleton bones. Each topic time we add a new bone we have learned to Bony Tim, our class skeleton!


P3/4 wind vanes

p3/4 took there wind vanes outside to measure the the direction of the wind. We found north and recorded our findings!