P4/5 Gymnastics

This week P4/5 were exploring difference balance activities in the first week of their new gymnastics block.  They all worked really well with their partners. We heard and saw some lovely supportive conversations and behaviours.  Well done P4/5!

P4/5 Tetrahedron Challenge

To finish off our 2D and 3D maths topic we used nets to make  individual tetrahedrons (a shape made from 4 equilateral triangles).  We used 4 tetrahedrons to create another, larger tetrahedron and then 4 of these to make an even bigger one!  Great job P4/5.

P4/5 Moon Landing

This week we have been learning about the first moon landing.  We had to listen for important information and take notes. We then worked with our cooperative partners sharing information and preparing for our carousel activity.  During our carousel we shared what we had learnt about the Moon landing, reading notes from other groups and adding our own information.  We finished our lesson with a house quiz which was lots of fun.

P4/5 Circle Art

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes.  This week we have been using circles to create some lovely pieces of art.

P4/5 Learning for week ending Friday 26th November

In PE this term we have been working on developing our physical fitness. We measured our baseline fitness on a circuit on our first week and then set ourselves a future target.  This week we designed our own circuits in our cooperative teams.  Here are some photos of us working to improve our baseline scores and hit our set targets.