P4/5 Measure

P4/5 continued their work on measure this week.  We estimated, read scales and used our fraction knowledge to fill our containers.  It was very wet but a lot of fun!


P4/5 A Loving Class

This week for Health and Well-being we discussed love.  Working with their cooperative partners the children wrote things they love to do and people and things they love.  As you can see there is so much love in this class that it completely covered the large heart underneath. ❤️

P4/5 Health and Wellbeing

This week P4/5 enjoyed another scooter session. They continued to work on their scooter control skills through some scooter games.

P4/5 Measure

This week P4/5 began to work on measure with Mrs Taylor.  They had to estimate the length of different objects in centimetres and then check the accuracy of their estimates by measuring the objects correctly with a ruler.  They were also learning how to convert centimetres into millimetres and millimetres into centimetres.

P4/5 The Romans

While P5 are doing their swimming lessons P4 have been enjoying researching the Romans.  They are very excited because we will be making a mini museum for the P5s to visit and the P4s will be acting as their guides sharing what they have learnt.  It’s all top secret at the moment but here is a sneaky peak of the P4s doing this week’s research.