Celebrating Success!

Pupils at Whitecraig Primary School celebrate success in the school in a number of ways:

One child from each class is chosen by their class teacher to be the “Star of the Week”. They receive a star badge to wear all week, they have a star put onto our Star of the Week display in the entrance corridor, they receive a Star of the Week certificate at assembly on Wednesday morning and are given privileges for the week  –  they go to the front of their class lines and sit at the Star of the Week table in the lunch hall with a chosen friend.

All children from P1-P7 take part in Golden Time each week. At the beginning of the week each child starts with 30 minutes Golden Time . All the teacher and the support staff run activities so the children have a choice from about nine actitivies to sign up for!  Unfortunately, sometimes members of staff  have to take away Golden Time from a pupil if  behaviour is not good,  homework is not done etc.

Pupils are awarded House Points by members of staff for lots of reasons – good behaviour, being helpful, working hard, singing well, taking part and so on.  Every week, the House and Vice House Captains add up the House Points and the pupils in the winning House earn an extra five minutes at break time.

We also have theHead Teacher’s Wonderful Work Wall and Art Gallery in the main corridor. Work which is considered to be of exceptional standard is put onto this wall for everyone to see.  In the same corridor,  we have our Wall of Acheivement and Display Cabinets. Any certificates which are given to the school for donations to charity, fundraising, achievements etc are displayed for everybody to see.  Trophies and shields which are awarded to the school are also displayed here in our display cabinet.  The House Point Cup, decorated with the colours of the House which earned the most House Points is put on display on the cabinet too.

Please let us know if your child/children have had any successes outside school and we will celebrate it in school and in our newsletters.

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