Our School Staff

School Staff for 2016 – 2017

Mrs Caitriona Kavanagh – Head Teacher

Mrs Lorraine Carde – Class Teacher, Nursery  (Mon – Fri mornings)

Mrs Kirsty Brunton – Nursery Nurse

Mrs Suzanne Trewick  – Class Teacher P1/2

Mrs Claire McHugh and Mrs Heather Doyle – Class Teachers P3/4

Miss Isla Cran – Principal Teacher & Class Teacher P5/6

Mrs Jenny Clark  – Class Teacher P6/7

Miss Kirsten Ireland – Music Specialist (Wednesday afternoons)

Mrs Hanne Robertson – PE Specialist (Friday mornings)

Ms Julie Reeder – School Admin Assistant

Mrs Ashleigh Lennox – Classroom Assistant

Mrs Sharlene Miller – School Auxiliary

Mrs Lorna Somers – Classroom Assistant

Mr Alan Watters –  Janitor

Mrs Gail Allan, Ms Cath Black – Catering Staff

Mrs Louise Brown – Dining Room Supervisor

Mrs Anne Dixon, Mrs Pauline Winton &  Miss Michelle Armstrong – Cleaning Staff

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  1. Mrs Watson, Mrs Ross, Miss Ireland, Mrs Simpson & the dining room supervisors are the only ones I remeber from when I was there, left ’03.

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