Our topic for this term is food. We have been looking at the different food groups and what foods are classes as healthy. This week we used those healthy foods to paint pictures! We explored the different shapes and textures we could create using various vegetables.

Nursery week beginning 23rd May 2022

This week in the nursery we have been very excited to see our caterpillars turn into cocoons hopefully by next week we will have some butterflies. The Monday/Tuesday children helped to prepare some sugar water for the butterflies to eat once hatched.

Both groups have been learning about symmetry. We have been looking at how butterflies and ladybirds are ‘the same’ on both side there for they are symmetrical.

Both groups have also been looking at the story the very hungry caterpillar seeing if we are able to retell the story in our own way, during this time we also created glueing’s of the life cycle of the butterfly.

Nursery Learning wb 16th May 2022

The children have been continuing to take part in various mark making / writing opportunities using a variety of different media.

We have also been exploring symmetrical images within the environment by matching butterfly images on duplo blocks.

The nursery children who attended the Friday session also had the opportunity to go along to the school assembly as we continue our Transition to P1 journey.

P4/5 Health and Wellbeing

This week P4/5 enjoyed another scooter session. They continued to work on their scooter control skills through some scooter games.