This week P1 had lots of fun during our scooter session. I were practising weaving around cones and stopping using the brakes.

P1 have also been really creative when using our Lego to create different structures.

Nursery Learning wb 10th May 2022

This week both groups have explored our local environment and identifying some features. We went for a walk around the local village and to the banking where we spotted the bridge – we had lots of fun shouting and hearing our echoes.

As we explore minibeasts, we have been introduced to our nursery caterpillars that we will be keeping safe and watching them grow.  The children have taken part in various mark making / writing opportunities experimenting with making letter shapes and creating letters/words independently.


P4/5 Measure

This week P4/5 began to work on measure with Mrs Taylor.  They had to estimate the length of different objects in centimetres and then check the accuracy of their estimates by measuring the objects correctly with a ruler.  They were also learning how to convert centimetres into millimetres and millimetres into centimetres.


P1 have loved making lots of castles and towers out of our building blocks, some being taller than us!!

P1 have spent lots of time relaxing on our comfy sofas in our reading corner. We have been finding words we know and telling stories using the picture.

P2 Fractions

This week in numeracy, we were practising cutting strips of paper into equal parts.