Nursery Learning WB 25th April 2022

This week we are continuing to plant and grow both indoors and outdoors. We are painting / drawing Sunflowers and naming the key parts of a plant.

We visited the tyre structure in the school grounds where we have been learning about positional language (behind, over, under).

Nursery Learning wb 19.4.22

We are continuing to grow in the nursery garden. This week we planted bedding plants in our planters and planted seed potatoes.

We are exploring minibeasts after finding lots in the garden. We have been learning to sorting and matching, size ordering and taking full advantage of the sunny weather outdoors.



Nursery Learning wb 11th April 2022

This week the children have been busy engaging in Easter activities. These including painting Easter egg pictures, learning the Easter story, counting items in 2 collections, singing Easter songs/rhymes, making cards/ pictures, dressing up

and using the Easter playdough cutters. We have planted carrot seeds and prepared our planter to add bedding plants.


P1 and P2 Deep Sea World

P1 and P2 had a blast during their trip to Deep Sea World!

We got to feel star fish, a sea snail and a snake! Everyone was very brave!! We also watched the seal show.
We all loved travelling through the tunnel and watching sharks, fish and sting rays swim above us.

Unfortunately the pictures won’t load but I will put them all together in a video and post them on Google classroom 🙂

Happy Easter everyone!!

Our Learning 4th April 2022

This week we have been demonstrating and talking about how to grow Sunflowers. We planted 2/3 sunflower seeds in to our cups with soil and popped them on to the window ledge.