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School Context

Whitecraig Primary School is a non-denominational, co-educational school serving the village of Whitecraig and surrounding area.

The school was built in 1958 and is all on one level, with wheelchair access at the main entrance and Nursery.  There are five classrooms, a Nursery, a Support for Learning Room, nurture base, a large hall (which is used for PE, assemblies, shows etc and also serves as the dinner hall) and a general purpose (GP) room.  The school is fortunate to have an extensive playground and outdoor space. The school has its own kitchen and staff who provide freshly cooked meals.

The current school roll is 126; 97 pupils in P1 – P7, and 32 spaces available for  Nursery  The school has five classes, 3 composite classes (P1, P2, P3/4, P4/5, P6/7), catering for the seven stages of primary education.  The breakdown of composite classes may change from year to year depending on the number of children in the school.   All classes (whether composite or not) contain pupils of different abilities and levels of development. Teachers are structure learning for pupils of differing abilities and composite classes don’t pose any greater challenge than single-year classes. We know that friendship groups are important and we encourage children to mix with their friends at break and through whole-school events.

Our Vision, Values and Aims

Vision: Dig deep and reach for the stars!
Values: Kindness, honesty, respect
Aim: Learning together to believe and achieve.

Rules: Be ready, be respectful, be safe

Our Vision Values and Aims have been revised by parents, families, pupils and staff to ensure they remain at the centre and are relevant and meaningful. They will remain at the centre of our School Improvement Plan and are reinforced through assemblies and the school ethos.



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