Welcome to P3A

P3A worked in their Co-operative Learning groups to write some comments for our blog.

In Maths we have been learning about measuring. In PE we have been learning how to throw. In Literacy we have been learning about writing and spelling. In assembly we were learning about team work.
Beth, Callum, Olivia, Owen CW, Roxy

We’ve been learning about water, ice and steam. We went to the life skills room and watched water turn into steam. We saw ice. We were amazed!
Emeliah, Kayden, Ollie

We have been learning about steam and ice and water. We have been learning about wind. We have been learning about dissolving in science. We have PE with Mr Ferns. We made water gauges too.
Ava, Hamish, Korbin, Megan

We’ve been learning about water and steam and ice and dissolving. At Circle Time we practise listening. At milk time we sit down and drink our milk and listen to stories. In the library we read.
Amber, Chloe, Kayla, Sandy

We have been doing RME and so far we have learned about Noah’s Ark. We have been learning about dissolving and we have discovered that salt dissolves but pepper doesn’t. We’ve been doing movements in PE. We have been learning numbers in French. We have a hero of the week every week.
Faye, Matthew, Sofia, Struan

We made rain gauges with our partner, we are learning about water. We do the daily mile every day. We have been learning about Noah’s Ark. We have PE with Mr Ferns.
Anna, Daniel, Mia, Owen C

Welcome to P4A

We have had a really busy start to the year.

In Maths we have been adding ten and multiples of 10. We have also been rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. We have played lots of games to help us learn.

We have been writing diary entries and creating eye catching posters to advertise castles and houses in East Lothian for tourists.

In Social Subjects we have been learning about East Lothian. We have been finding out what jobs people did in the coal mines. If we were alive in the 1800s we would not be at school but would probably be trappers in a mine. We are all looking forward to our trip to the Mining Museum next week.

Thank you for reading and keep checking back for regular updates.



Butterfly World!

In science, P1d have been learning about mini beasts and we enjoyed visiting Butterfly World yesterday. We were learning about the exotic butterflies and saw caterpillars and beautiful butterflies in the indoor tropical rainforest. We enjoyed handling a snake, tarantula and millipede.
‘Millie the millipede tickled my hand when she walked over it’ (Lily)
‘the tarantula was so hairy and had 8 legs’ (Sarah)
‘I got to hold the snake and it was so slippery’ (Ollie)
‘We had to pretend to be a tree when we held the snake’ (Scott)
 Take a look at some of us handling the different animals!

P2D Botanics Trip

P2D visited the Botanic Gardens on Monday. These are some of our favourite parts of the trip:

Rebecca learnt that pandas eat bamboo.

We went on a hunt to find panda’s perfect place says Sam.

Khloe learnt about Chinese dragons.

We had lots of adventures and I saw a fox says Alfie.

Lexi enjoyed playing the dragon game.

We got to be scientists says Ibrahim.

Melissa saw lots of things which are made from bamboo.

We saw the ducks says Jack.

Darcy learnt that bamboo can grow to more than thirty times taller than us!

We found out that pandas have an extra thumb and that you can make socks out of bamboo says Hannah.

Tyler says we had lots of fun.

Cole learnt about what pandas need to survive.

Bamboo can be thin or thick says Skye.

Leo says we saw some squirrels.

Eilidh remembered that we heard thunder.

Now Daniel knows that banana plants have very big leaves.

We went into the glasshouse says Isla.

Lewis D says we saw a tanatula!

We saw nice flowers says Amelia.

Samuel thought that the squirrels were very fast.

Nathan saw big trees.

Lewis A says bamboo can be made into soft or hard things.



P5B Weekly Blog


We watched Mark’s story about him getting scammed. His friend got a new game called Deal or Death 2 but a week later it needed an update so he downloaded an update and it said ‘just click here and Deal or Death 2 will update’. So Mark clicked it and it said ‘you have updated Deal or Death 2 and it said ‘click here to get Deal or Death 3’. Mark was shocked. Deal or Death 3 shouldn’t be out by Christmas. So he clicked it and it said buy Deal or Death 3 for only £19.99 so Mark went and got his mum’s credit card and got Deal or Death 3 but when he clicked on it the game didn’t arrive. So he went to see his mum and she was on the phone talking to the police. Mark had spent £500. His mum was upset and angry. We learned we shouldn’t click on things we don’t know what they are on the internet or use a credit card without permission.

Josh and Alix

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