Dounans Diary 2008

Since Iv’e been at Dounans I have enjoyed the pole climb , archery and the hill walk. The tutors are really nice and fair .I am looking forward to doing the flying fox. Kris p7
The food at Dounans is great and there’s lots of it. I did tree climbing and it was 14 M high . I am looking forward to the flying fox it is my last activity . The staff are really friendly and I can meet lots of new friends. Gregg p7

I did the rope course today.I found it very hard on the tyre. Miss Dick is from Elphinstone and she is in my dorm. Holli. P6/7

I went on the flying fox and I didn’t think that I could do it but I went down twice. lyn P7

Yesterday I climbed to the top of the tree and when I got to the top you had to ring a bell.The tree was 14m high!! Shannon p6/7