Spelling Bee

P4A and P4B have been working hard on their spelling all year. They have been setting themselves targets to learn all of the common words. Yesterday there was a Spelling Bee to find ‘The Ultimate Spelling Champion’. The 10 champions from each class went through to the final. It was a very tense event with lots of nerves! The children were very supportive of each other, especially when the words were tricky! We eventually got the 20 contestants down to a final 5. Then the words got really hard! Nicole Torrance in P4B was our ‘Ultimate Spelling Champion 2014’. A huge congratulations to all of the children who took part!

1st Place – Nicole Torrance
2nd Place – Leo Harrison
3rd Place – Quinn Porter
4th Place – Kieran Lavery
5th PLace – Kiera Anderson

P4 Spelling Bee on PhotoPeach