Primary6 Hockey festaval

On Wednesday the 12th November all primary 6 pupils went to the East Lothian hockey tournament. Windygoul’s teams were Otters, Deer, Beavers, Stoats, Foxes, Hedgehogs, Wolves, Rabbits, Owls, Hares, Bears and Beatles. The other schools were Humbie, Sanderson Wynd and St. Martins. The tournament started at 10:00 AM and finished at 12:00 PM. The festival rules were: You may only use the flat side of your hockey stick, The stick must not be lifted over the shoulders, Each game lasts 8 minutes, Each team may only play four players at a time and HAVE A GREAT TIME! We all had a great time at the tournament and many of us won our games against the other schools! This was Logan, Aaron T and Aaron S reporting for duty.