Benmore Day 3

We have had four seasons in one day today, in fact in one hour! We woke up to find that most of the snow was away and the sun was shining, still a bit chilly but not quite so many layers needed (for some people).  We had some heavy rain and hailstones before lunch but the remainder of the day was fine.

Today’s adventures have included Biking, Gorge Walking, Caving, Shore Scrambling, High Ropes, Climbing/Abseiling and the Forest Walk.  Luckily our waterproofs had dried out overnight so we got kitted out and were on our way quickly following a very popular breakfast of sausages and baked beans and the dorm inspection where some rooms managed 10 out of 10 (take note mums and dads they now know how to make beds, keep clothes tidy and use the hoover!)

Caving was back on the adventure schedule today after having to be cancelled yesterday as the road to get there was blocked with snow.  We discovered that you can fit through some very small spaces when you wiggle the right way and that even if you are scared you can overcome the fear and do it anyway with the help of some friends and your trusty head torch. Several groups also enjoyed some wet adventures in the gorge, making their way under the Stone of Africa and through the keyhole.  For some people the wet came from puddles when parting company from their mountain bike.  It’s never really a good idea to stop pedalling when heading up a hill!!  The best part of the day was that no matter how wet or muddy they became, the smiles never moved far from the faces of the children or adults.

One group had the chance to go shore scrambling on the rocks along Ardentinny, this involved literally scrambling along and over the cliff face stopping along the way to have a look in some rockpools at some sea creatures before stopping to search for pearls in the cracks between the rocks.  We learned that you get pearls from the inside of mussels, clams and oysters.  Mrs Rees found enough for a very small earring but probably not one big enough to stop working any time soon!! 

After dinner tonight we joined up with Yester Primary School again for a Scavenger Hunt where among a few things to be found were something old (the teachers didn’t count), something slimy (your tongue didn’t count), 3 types of cones (no ice creams available) and something that had never been alive.

As we write this up the children are all fast asleep following a long and eventful day dreaming about their last few activities and the all important last night disco.  Mr McCann and Mr Thomas however are busy trying to thrash each other at table tennis, we can hear the roars from here but as it stands we aren’t sure if they are roars of celebration or despair!!

“I’ve tried caving, don’t think I’ll be doing it again!!” Rebecca

“Abseiling was quite scary but I was really proud of myself after I had done it”  Nadiyya

“I was fine at the top of the telegraph pole until Mrs Rees came up and was shaking so much she nearly knocked me off!” Emma

“I managed to abseil and conquered my fear of heights, it was such a spectatcle that a whole bus load of people stopped to watch and encouragement was offered from a well known Welsh voice!”  Mrs Idle

“I’ve done the gorge walk, caving and forest walk all in one today, this isn’t  what Morna did with us last year!” Mr Reid

“Shore scrambling was a new experience where the children’s new found confidence in their ability to tackle challenges meant they saw the whole experience as an adventure”  Mrs Wilson


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  1. Hi Cara sounds like you are all having a great time we are enjoying keeping up with the news. Hope you enjoyed the disco, we are missing you and looking forward to hearing all about tomorrow xx Mum Dad & Tayler

  2. Hi jemma it sounds like your all having a lovely time and having fun. The house is so quiet without you even jack is missing you love you lots cant wait to see you love mum and jack xxx

  3. Hi everyone… Sounds like it’s been an eventful week full of adventures, glad the weather didn’t cause too much havoc and we can’t wait to hear all about it Adil, missed you loads. Hope you survived without the PS4! Have a safe journey tomorrow and look forward to seeing you tomorrow. Xx

  4. Hi Calvin no really been missing you lol am sleeping in your bed n playing Xbox haha cu tomorrow when you come home xxxx say hi to dale n Alex too hope your having fun 😀 Scott says hi too xxxx

  5. Hi Mia!
    Sounds like you and your friends are having so much fun, cant wait to hear all about it when you get home and we get your photos developed!(hopefully no selfies)
    Miss u lots and can’t wait to see u tomorrow ❤ mum, dad, Leo & Fynn xxx

  6. Hi Millie. Can’t wait to see you again and see the pics you took. It’s been really boring without you here and I can’t wait to play with you again on Friday…
    Phoebe xxx

  7. Hi Hannah.
    We are glad you are all having what sounds like a fabby time. Missing you loads and loads. The boys are loving getting to watch their tv

  8. Hi Hannah (& Co) Oh what an eventful day you have all had – brilliant. So glad that you are all enjoying yourselves and the challenges that you have done. Hope you have more fun on your last full day and that you have a great time at the disco tonight. Love Mum, Dad & Kyle x

  9. I look forward to the updates each evening to keep up with your adventures. Boy o boy it certainly sounds like you have all done yourselves proud.

    Make the best of your last day and have a fab time tonight.

    Have missed you all and can’t wait to catch up.

    Well done.
    Mrs Murdoch

  10. Hi Nadiyya, hope your having a great time,sounds like you are all having fun. Looking forward to seeing your photos and hearing about it on Friday. We are all missing you and it’s quiet here without you even with having Danyal around! Mittens is keeping your bed warm! Enjoy the rest of your time at camp. Love you! From Mum, Dad, Danyal, Mittens and Spikey.xx

  11. Hello sweetie hope your being good and not missing me to much. Hope you have had a good day. Its been freezing back home. Mum counting the days down till your home missing your cheeky wee face. Sleep well.princess love mum and Leon codi and jaycob xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Hl

  12. Hi Kieran – Wow you have all had a jam packed day today by the sounds of it. Hope your having a great time and remembering to take lots of pics? Enjoy your last day of activities tomorrow and the disco at night. C u Friday. Love Mum, Dad & Hannah xx

  13. Hi Abbie

    Hope you are having a fantastic time. Missing you loads, been a very busy week here, can’t wait for you to come home and tell us about your adventures. Love mum, dad, Chloe, ozzyboy n Lexi, xx

  14. Delighted everyone is having a good time and surviving all the changes in the weather.
    Calum says hi to his big bother, Euan- missing him more than he’ll ever let on!
    Have fun P7- miss you all!


  15. Hi Nathan, well we can expect great things from you when you get home on Friday, making your own bed, putting your clothes away & hoovering LOL !!!!
    So pleased you are having the opportunity to try out so many new activities – & very glad I am not there to watch & worry !!
    Enjoy tomorrow & especialy the disco tomorrow night.
    Lots of Love Mum, Dad, Aaron & Fergus XXXX

  16. Nadiyya, Well done with the Abseiling!!!!
    We’re proud of you as well. :0)
    Look forward to seeing those bed making skills xx

  17. Hi Katie,
    Looks like you & your friends are having a great time. House is really quiet without you, see you Friday.

  18. Hi Danielle

    It sounds like you are all having a great time. Miss you loads and looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Enjoy the rest of your stay lots of love mum, dad and Cammy. xx

  19. Hi Hayley,
    Loving the updates and I hope you’ve taken some photos along the way and that you’re enjoying yourself.

    Have a fab last full day of activities and we’ll all see you on Friday where Auntie Claire will be picking you up.
    Enjoy your disco.
    Lots of love Mum, Greig, Alissa and Chatlotte xx

  20. Hi Amy G. Sounds like you are having an amazing time. Enjoy your remaining adventures. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday. Love Mum,Dad &Daniel

  21. Hi Danielle sounds like your all having a fantastic time. Miss you loads love mum dad and Cameron. Xx

  22. Evening, sounds like great fun today. Missing you loads jamie,and it really is too quiet without you. Hope ur enjoying urself? Cant wait to see you friday.

    lots of love mum xxx

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