We hope everyone is having as good a time as we are in our classes.  We would like to share our learning in our first blog.


We have been discovering what it was like to be an evacuee in WW2 and in our drama we were experiencing what it was like for parents to tell their children they were about to be evacuated.  We made brown label tags and carried identity cards like the children would have done.  We have started to learn about the blitz making pictures using skyline silhouettes.  Our class novel is ‘Goodnight, Mr Tom’ which is about an evacuee.  We would recommend it to everyone to read and are looking forward to Willie’s further adventures.  In writing we continued a story to help us empathise and understand what it was like for the evacuees.


In Literacy we have begun to look at different genres in writing to help us choose different types of books.


Our Maths this week has been working on short and long multiplication to improve our life skills.  We are all working hard to learn our times tables.


In PE we have been mixing the P7 classes and we have been allowed to choose either basketball or football.  We have been concentrating on finding spaces, improving our dribbling skills and playing invasion games with improved skills.  We have been continuing with the Daily Mile and we can all complete it within 15 minutes, even Mrs Idle!


We have arranged to be P1 Playground Buddies for the next 2 weeks thanks to Mrs Wilson.  We are looking forward to playing games with the P1s and helping them on the Trim Trail.


Although we’ve only begun P7 we’re looking forward to camp, our show, our Prom and Graduation throughout the year.

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