Welcome to P2/3

We have been learning lots so far this year!

In maths we have been learning about measurement and have had the opportunity to measure the weight of different items using scales.  We have also used rulers to measure how long things are.  We mesured ourselves and found out that Paige and Darcy are the tallest people in the class and Lia is the shortest person!

We have also enjoyed going to the library and choosing books to take back to class.

“I like going to the library because we get to read with the class.” – Codi

“I like to choose my own book because I like books.” – Julia

“I like having peace and quiet to read a book.” – Mia

“I like to choose books and sit on Charlie’s chair with my friend.” – Maia

“I like reading chapter books.” – Cameron B


We have also been learning about different climates and designed an outit for an Arctic explorer.   We can talk about different habitats and know where certain animals live.  We have also looked at seasons and know that there are four different seasons; Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer.  “Did you know it’s Autumn right now?” – Codi