P5B Update (30.10.15)

This week we started thinking about our new topic, Mary Queen of Scots. We wrote a list of things we already knew, things we wanted to find out, how will are going to find out and how will we show our learning.

For Writing this week we made a space poster. We were including all the things we learned in our space topic. We were working in partners or teams. We looked at other posters to get ideas.

During Maths, we have continued working on Angles. We were drawing angles. Miss Macdonald was setting challenges for us. We had to draw angles at 90, 120, 60 and 45 degrees. We then made up questions for our partners. We had to use the protractors to draw the angles.

In P.E. we have been using the ‘magic c’ shape again. We got the rackets and fluff balls out to make the magic c shape.

For Music we were playing our recorders. We learned how to play 4 notes. At the end of the lesson there were people who had made up their own songs so they played them for us. We learned a new note called the minim note.

We had a P5 concert on Thursday. It was called ‘Pitch, Pulse and Magic’. We heard musicians play the flute, piccolo, guitar and the ukulele. We were learning about pitch and pulse. We played a few music games and some people were chosen to be the conductor.

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  1. Ellie enjoyed finishing off the space poster and finding out about Mary Queen of Scots

  2. Fantastic! Boydd is missing you all but has been kept busy writing his diary about his time in hospital and has made a start on the new topic. He has found lots of interesting things about Mary Queen of Scots and can’t wait to share them with you when he gets back

  3. Sounds like been a busy week! Arran is looking forward to the Mary queen of scots topic!

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