This week in P5A

Welcome to this week’s blog we have been learning about Mary Queen of Scots. We learned that she was executed by her mean cousin Elizabeth in 1587. We also know that she was born on the 8th of December 1542. We are also working on time, we have learned that when it is half past 7 the little hand is between the 7 and the 8. We also know that when the big hand is at the 12 and the little hand is at the 12 as well this is called midnight if it is at night. We have also been learning some French. We have learned that hello is bonjour and I am alright is comme ci comme ça and are you ok is Ça va and I am good is Ça va bien and we are still learning some more every week. We have also been learning how to play notes A and b on the recorder and we can play one song. We have been very lucky because we have had a new classroom helper just for the week. We have been continuing JASS for homework. Some of us need to get new sheets every week. We also went to a musical workshop called Pitch, Pulse and Magic. We got to listen to the flute and the guitar and Sophie even got to be the conductor. We are very lucky that the Youth Music Inititive gave us this opportunity.

We hoped you enjoyed this blog

Maisie and Abi