P6C Blog – Week Ending 30th September

This week in P6C we have been learning about Doctor Barnardo, and how he made a school for boys and girls. He particularly helped homeless children and went out to seek them every night.  We took notes so we could learn about him; we then continued our learning by writing an Imagined Personal Response. We had to imagine we were him. We learned that Dr Barnardo still has shops in the UK today that help to raise money for children.

We are continuing with developing our Numeracy skills through decimals and place value by building on our prior knowledge and developing our skills further.

In Music this week we were learnng about the Funk genre of music. We listened to songs to hear the instruments, rhythm and tone of this style and we then wrote down how this music makes us feel.

In spelling this week, we are using the ‘ear’ letter string. We are looking forward to our end of term spelling test to show how good we are.

In RME we learned to read the bible by using a technique called skim and scan to find the twelve disciples names, e.g. John 5:5-12. It was very tricky.

In Health and Well-being we looked into why people make the food choices they do: due to religion, cost and availability and likes and dislikes. We developed our note taking skills in this area as well so we are using our skills across the curriculum (cross-curricular learning).

By Eilidh, Olivia, Alex,  Joshua, Katie, Daryl and Oliver


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  1. Loved reading the imagined personal response in your evidence jotter! Keep up the good work P6c x

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