P6C Blog – Week Ending 7th October

Here we are again! So, this week in Social Studies we have been looking at Victorian entertainment and clothing. Victorian women wore corsets to make them look thinner. If younger people wore them they could break ribs if they pulled it too tight. We also took notes about entertainment and used our laptop time to make a poster on word document it. Victorians enjoyed going to cricket matches, they liked seaside holidays and enjoyed going to the Fair and they liked puppet shows. Poorer people would not be able to visit the seaside for long but sometimes managed a day trip. In Numeracy we have been continuing learning about decimals. We have been learning to add them, split them into place value units and have been ordering them too.  In PE we have been learning to land in netball and find space in the hall. In Hockey last week, we learned how to pass the ball using the pushing technique.

By Tegan, Coral, Euan and Nathan