Learning is Fun in P2C

The boys and girls helped me to write our blog today.  Here are some of their thoughts and comments.

Daily Mile

“We do 5 laps for the Daily Mile” says Brodie.

Hope: “We get gold coins to help us count how many laps we have done.”

Golden Time

Miryn: “We have Golden Time on a Friday.”

Harry: “Some of us bring toys in to play with at Golden Time.”

Me on the Map

Cameron W: “We do excellent writing.  We have been writing about our school and our town.”

Mason: “We need to use maps to help us find out where to go.”

Brodie: “Maps are 2D and you have to imagine that you are looking at them from above.”

Ollie: “Looking above is a birds eye view.”

Learning Wall

Ben: “We put post-it notes on the wall to show what we have been learning about.”

Cameron L: “We get to put pieces of work on the learning wall.”

Here is our Learning Wall for this term.  It will change next term as we continue with our learning.dscf1207

I hope that everyone has a lovely holiday week and I look forward to seeing the children again on Tuesday 25th October.

Miss Innes and P2C