End of Term 1 / New Start in Term 2


*Maths – We have worked really hard learning about angles. We learned about the names of different angle – acute, obtuse, straight, full turn, and right angles. (Cambell)We have been learning about the compass points. We know can name the angles and degrees in compass points ( Hayden S)

*Reading – We have learned to decode challenging words in our books. We have done this by using dictionaries. (Ella)

*Maths – We have learned about symmetry. We have learned to draw mirror images. I liked doing the celebrities. (Hannah)

*Writing – We have been learning to use descriptive language and describing words. (Sophie) We have been using WOW words to describe different things. (Teigan) We have been learning the Fry Words List. (Laia)

*Number – We been learning about place value. We can round to the nearest 10 and 100s. (Freya) We have been learning to quickly recall our times tables facts (Sophie)

*In Art, we have learned to draw aliens and rockets using contrasting colours. (Emily)

*In Science, we have been learning about air resistance and have made parachutes. We know the bigger the parachute the more time it takes to come down. (Cambell) We have been learning about all the planets in the solar system. (Hannah)We made up mnemonics to order the planets. (Emily) We have been learning about the life of Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. (Rory)We watched some of Chris Hadfields videos showing us how things are done in space. (Corey)

*RME – we have learned about how the different religions and science believe the world began. We have shared our own ideas and beliefs too. (Marcos) We watched different videos to help us learn. (Daniel)

*Growth Mindset – We have been learning about the Growth Mindset. We know it is good to mistakes and it is ok not to always know the answers. This is all part of learning. Our brain is a muscle. (Freya) Dojo has been teaching us all about this.(Sophie) We have been learning from our mistakes (Hannah)

We did an amazing assembly about music across the decades. We worked really hard to learn songs and dance routines. (Daniel)

*As part of citizenship group, we collected a harvest of fruits and vegetables from the courtyard. We made apple and pear pies to donate to the food bank. (Tyler)

*Co-operative Learning – we have been learning the rules of co-operative learning teams. We earn table points when we can do this. (Harvey)



*We can find it challenging to sit on the carpet properly. We need to remember to sit properly without touching anyone else. We need to make sure we are listening to other and not talking over other people. (Rhianna) We also need to remember to behave this way when visitors are in the classroom. (Sophie) We know we need to sit with our legs crossed, hands in a basket and quietly. We get DOJOs when we can do this without being asked. (Lucy)

*We find it challenging to complete our work on time. (Harvey) Mrs Bell sometimes uses a timer to show us how long we have (Eva) We can earn 5 DOJOs for getting our work completed on time. (Freya) We have superhero powers to help when we are stuck like ask 2 then you, use a textbook, work around it (Daniel) We need to remember not to distract others from their work too (HaydenF)

*We can find it hard working in our co-operative learning teams. We need to remember everyone needs to have a job and be busy. (Evan) We need to make sure everyone is getting a turn. (Laia) We need to come to decisions together. If we disagree, we need to compromise. (Freya)We get co-operative table points when we work well and the table with the most points get a cushion to sit on for the next week. (Kian)

*Sometimes it is hard not to say the red words (fixed mindset). It is hard not to get upset when we get things wrong or don’t understand something new. (Ella) BUT we won’t give up, DOJO will help and we have a Growth Mindset Hero every week! (Hayden S)

*We can find it hard to complete our ERIC time. We need to remember this is 15minutes of silent reading and not talk to our friends. (Freya)