Scottish Parliament A lady from the Scottish parliament came to our school and told us about it. We had our own election. There were 5 different parties.

In Maths we have done bar chart on sweets and they were marshmallow, Bounty, Aero, Hubbabubba and Randoms. Aero was the most popular sweet in P5B. Marshmallow was the least popular sweet in P5B.

We have written a formal letter to the manager of Louis Vuitton to ask if we could have his display of space planets.

We have finished Grandpa’s Great Escape and now we are reading the Person Controller.

In PE we have done the magic c for throwing the ball.

In French we were listening to Tyrone the Horrible in French.

While we were doing reading we had to do a spelling activity while you weren’t reading.

By Carrie and Murray