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Literacy!-Last week Mrs Short came to our class because Mrs Idle was sick.We were doing a Powerpoint about a Scottish character called Oor Wullie. We had to go on the computer to look up facts.


Reading!-We are doing AR in class. We have different reading groups but both enjoy our reading books. Our reading groups are Greens, Yellows, and also Blue and Reds.


Maths!-We have been doing division and time. In division we were doing addition division and subtraction division numberlines was our strategy this is time. We have been learning o’clock, quarter past, half past, quarter to. We are enjoying time. These are our maths groups Trapeziums, Rhombus, Kites.


Spelling! –This is our groups for spelling Suns, Stars, Moons and Rainbows. Last week the class had Scottish words to do for spelling and this week we have Frys words.


Art!-This is what we are doing this week in art . . . Charles Rennie Mackintosh art. W e are making creation with pen or pencil

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