P6/7 April Update

This week we have been learning all about Pie Charts in Maths. We decided to investigate the colour of sweets in a range of packets to identify the most common colour. The results were very similar apart from Wine Gums which had very little in the way of variety. We now know that to calculate the number of degrees for each section it is 360degrees divided by the total, then multiplied by the number found. We had to use a compass and protractor to construct our pie charts.

In Topic we made posters with our learning partners. Before we create the posters we found out some new information about Earth Day. The poster are for Earth Day and we stuck them up around the school in the hope that other pupils might take part.

In Art and Design we drew penguins and polar bears. We also had a go at some Abstract Art. We have created the first layer of our work. In Abstract Art you are free and you paint with freedom! We look forward to sharing some of the finished articles!

In spelling we used a range of activities to learn a new pattern and then we had an additional challenge of solving some anagrams.

Written by Harry, Charli, Stefan, Corey and Ruby