P6C Blog – Week Beginning 17th April

In P6C, it has been a busy but positive first week back. We all changed tables for our last term in P6. We are ready to make our final term the best one yet! In Literacy we did some writing about the fun we had over the Easter break. We learned some new words for spelling linked to our new Human Body project. In Drama, we played lots of different games. It was hard and our highest in the number game was 5 so we had to keep starting again. In Maths, we were looking at compass directions. We have produced some very detailed mind maps about our class novel, Midnight Gang by David Walliams. We also had to write a review about our favourite film. We enjoyed that because we were interested in the film. Miss McKay is hoping this will help us to write better reviews on the books we have read. We have started our new Science project about the Human Body. We started out making Skeletons with split pins and we have done some Listening and Talking to learn more facts about how amazing our skeleton is. We learned that there are 206 bones in our body, the skeleton is stronger than steal but weighs less than 10kgs, the hand has 27 bones therefore has the most movement of all and we learned that the foot has 26 bones and 33 joints. We also managed well to keep up with our Daily Mile. In assembly this week we were thinking about aspirational leaders. We were discussing the fact that every single person in our school can be a leader.

Thanks for reading! :0)