P5B Weekly Blog


We watched Mark’s story about him getting scammed. His friend got a new game called Deal or Death 2 but a week later it needed an update so he downloaded an update and it said ‘just click here and Deal or Death 2 will update’. So Mark clicked it and it said ‘you have updated Deal or Death 2 and it said ‘click here to get Deal or Death 3’. Mark was shocked. Deal or Death 3 shouldn’t be out by Christmas. So he clicked it and it said buy Deal or Death 3 for only £19.99 so Mark went and got his mum’s credit card and got Deal or Death 3 but when he clicked on it the game didn’t arrive. So he went to see his mum and she was on the phone talking to the police. Mark had spent £500. His mum was upset and angry. We learned we shouldn’t click on things we don’t know what they are on the internet or use a credit card without permission.

Josh and Alix