P6A Weekly Blog (19.5.17)

In Art we were drawing a self-portrait. We had to include as much detail as we could. We were not allowed to draw it in pencil, we had to draw is straight on in pen. The portrait was of our faces, not our whole body. We tried to draw more detail than our P5 portrait.

In Maths we were working on frequency tables and bar charts. We used the information from our frequency table to make the bar chart.

We are still working on the Rock Steady beat on the drums. We are all trying to include the bass drum. It is a bit hard. Some people added in a filling on the drums. We are getting better at using the drums. Some people are trying to add in a double bass.

In Science we were doing an experiment on how stomach acid works. We had 3 bags of bread. We had cola in one bag, water in another bag and just the bread in the last bag. We massaged the bread for 3 minutes to see what would happen. The one with the coke dissolved a little bit. The bread with water went soggy and the bread on its own went crumbly. We worked in our co-operative teams to do the experiment.

In P.E. we were doing relays. We were in a circle and we were in teams of 6 or 7. We got a point for overtaking a team and 4 points for winning. We were working on speed and motivation. Some people were chosen for the Meadowmill competition. We will be competing against other schools.

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  1. I liked all the things we were doing this week but my favourite was the experiment because it was fun to see how stomach acid works. I loved it!

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