P3A December Update

We have had a busy term and wanted to tell you a wee bit about it. We worked in our              Co-operative Learning teams to write our comments.

We have been learning about the moon changing shape. It doesn’t change shape but the part we can see does. The sun is bigger than the Earth and you should not look right at the sun. We visited Dynamic Earth.
Matthew, Megan, Ronnie

We are learning about space and the Christmas story. We are also learning Scottish Country dancing in P.E. and we danced at our party today. We are loving P3! We are especially liking    Co-operative Learning and we enjoyed our trip. We are very fast at the daily mile.
Faye, Hamish, Owen C.

We went to Dynamic Earth and had fun, we went to the dome. The Christmas performance was fun and good because there was nice singing and everyone was good at the French song. In science we learnt that the sun is bigger than the Earth.
Roxy, Chloe, Daniel, Kayla

We have been learning about the sun and moon. We have been learning about Roy Respect. We learned dancing with Mr Ferns and did our Christmas performance.
Ava, Beth, Korbin, Sofia

We have been learning dancing with Mr Ferns and you have to go in a couple and hold hands. At daily mile we run fast. We’ve been working hard in our Co-operative Learning groups.
Amber, Callum, Emeliah, Sandy

We have been doing maths, we learn about add, take away and times. We have buddies every Thursday. We did science about space. We know that the moon goes round the Earth and the Earth goes round the sun. We have had Circle Time about respect. We do daily mile, we try to do six laps of the big playing field. We do dancing in P.E. with Mr Ferns. We went on our school trip in November. We went to Dynamic Earth.
Anna, Kayden, Mia, Struan