Day 3 at Benmore

At the start of the third day we woke up at 8am and headed to the dining room for breakfast. Breakfast was sausage, beans, toast and cereal. It was really yummy. Some of us still had bean juice on our faces during our morning activity.

After breakfast we had our room inspections. Most people improved their scores from yesterday.

Morning activities were really fun but very cold because of the snow and ice. They were orienteering, forest walking, climbing and abseiling, gorge walking, biking, caving and ropes.

We were all absolutely freezing so we had lunch to warm us up. We had soup, rolls and biscuits.

Then we went on our afternoon activities which were caving, orienteering, forest walk, ropes, gorge walking and biking.

It was then cake o’clock and we had jam doughnuts and juice.

During free time we had showers (which were hot for once), played table tennis (without a ball) and drew.

For dinner we had chicken nuggets, rice and curry sauce. We had artic roll for pudding.

It is now time for diaries and the tuck shop before we play cluedo tonight.

Written by Abi, Cody, Ben T and Sophie K



7 Replies to “Day 3 at Benmore”

  1. Sounds like fun, hope you don’t have as much snow as we do and you enjoy your last full day of activities.

  2. Another super update. You will all be experts at keeping tidy bedrooms when you return. I bet you can’t believe that tomorrow is your last day of activities. Make the best of everything tonight and tomorrow. Thank you for your updates and we look forward to tomorrows.

  3. Sounds like your all still having a fab time. Food sounds great too, good to hear you are all eating well. Must be working up a huge appetite.
    Missing seeing all your lovely faces.

  4. So nice to hear about your day. Enjoy your games tonight and activities tomorrow. See you on Friday Kenzi- ps I hope you all managed to wash the bean juice off x

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